Supple Pack

Our Leadership

Our Leadership

We are a family run organisation carrying the right mix of traditional business values along with the dynamism of modern day management skills.

We follow a flat management structure which allows our core team to take utmost ownership and responsibility over their actions.

We look at ourselves as partners in progress, which is why you will never hear us say “You vs I” but its always “Yours=Ours”.

We have some of the sharpest minds at the helm of every division within our company. Each one of them carry strong expertise in their field and an affirmation towards delivering the best consistently.
Plastic Packaging Solutions

Our Founder

A Company is always a reflection of its leaders values and principles.

Our founder, Pawan Srimal ventured into the formation of Supple Pack (formerly National Vinyl Industries) out of his interest in the packaging industry and has built the company with his passion for service and perfection.

He has always believed in putting his best foot forward and has motivated his team to out-do themselves. He has believed in going the extra-mile to ensure his customers get the best service. These values are drilled deep within the team and inherently, the thought process of our team mirrors that of the founder.

He has touched hundreds of families by taking high spirited men under his wings and given them the chance to upskill themselves constantly, all in the strife of serving our clients.

He is joined ably by Prayas Srimal, who has been a part of the company since 2016 and strives to carry forward the founders legacy with his added dynamism and exuberance.