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Extrusion Blow Moulding

  • One of the most versatile moulding processes, it is economical and a fast way to make containers.
  • We have the flexibility to have a variety of designs and moderate the production output
  • Products: Bottles, jars, jerry cans, and other packaging for household products, food & beverage, cosmetics, oils and lubricants and many more
  • EBM has diverse applications in other industries such as Automobiles, Engineering products, and Toys, etc as well
  • Plastics used: HDPE, PP, and LDPE
Extrusion Blow Moulding
Injection Moulding

Injection Moulding

  • Injection Moulding has the some of largest applications across domains.  One can find its application all around us.
  • This method is suitable for the mass production of products with high precision and accuracy
  • Provides an opportunity to work with various shapes and finish qualities.
  • Products: Caps and closures, engineering products, and other technical products
  • Plastics used: PP, PE, Engineering plastics such as ABS, Nylon, and PC.
Injection Moulding


  • Fully automated screen printing facility to meet your printing needs.  We print on coconut oil bottles, jerry cans, and closures with great quality and precision.  
  • Label applicator for your bottles
  • Sleeving applicator for your bottles

Quality Principle

  • ISO 9001 certified company that follows international standards of Quality Management Systems.
  • Fully capable Quality Lab to ensure your products can stand the rigors of logistics and end-use.
  • Quality checkpoints at every stage to ensure consistent quality products.
  • Highly skilled manpower ensures you get nothing but the best.

Turnkey solutions

  • Customized solutions according to your needs keeping in mind the product safety and economics.
  • Experience in building solutions in quick turnaround times to ensure your product launches are on time.
  • Expertise in building and managing factories gives us the flexibility to set up facilities close to your facilities to optimize economies, emissions and ensure you get the best service.