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The Indian packaging industry is experiencing positive growth and is predicted to continue witnessing a steady incline. In fact, rigid plastic packaging offers tremendous advantages over its alternatives. It ensures product safety and longer shelf life, thus fulfilling the increasing demands of the FMCG and healthcare sector. Additionally, it is moisture-resistant, lightweight and recyclable. Furthermore, it helps avoid counterfeiting with tamper-proof packaging. While this market has a plethora of advantages to offer, the precise demands of every customer need to be met. Customers desire robust product quality, economical prices, timely delivery and the constant seamless integration of innovation within products. With changing times, especially during the Covid19 pandemic, customer demands change exponentially and often require quick turnaround times. Fulfilling the aforementioned requirements can prove to be quite tedious.
Continually evolving and addressing the changing market needs is National Vinyl Industries, headquartered in Bangalore. The company adheres to maintaining the highest mark of quality and as such has established a well-structured SOP combined with a thorough training program and a qualified team of experts. Commencing its journey in 1991, with just PVC bottles, the company now offers a broad spectrum of products and services across moulding technologies to industry verticals like Healthcare, FMCG, Construction Materials, Petroleum, Edible Oils, Dairy and so on. “Since packaging is such a critical aspect of any product, our customer demands can be very dynamic and can evolve rapidly. Our customers require quick turnaround times whereas infrastructure building process takes a long time. To tackle this, we have structured our systems in such a way that new developments are turned around at a rapid pace and we plan our capacities in such a way that we hold at least 25-30% spare capacity to fulfil any sudden customer requirements,” reveals Pawan Srimal, CEO, National Vinyl Industries. The company holds one of the leadership positions in the market under the guidance of Pawan Srimal and more recently under Prayas Srimal, who has brought about a paradigm shift in the way NVI functions.

Providing End-to-end Products and Services

The company manufactures bottles/cans ranging from 5ml to 75ltrs through the Extrusion Blow Moulding Process. Also, NVI is one of the leading companies in manufacturing a wide range of quality caps and closures including Flip Top Caps manufactured using state of the art high cavitation moulds that come with full hot-runner and in-mould closing systems. The company takes pride in being one of the few companies equipped with the ability to successfully convert bottles along with screen printing for coconut oil at consistently maintained qualities. Furthermore, the company has a strong foothold in manufacturing retortable PP bottles. Even with the onset of the unfortunate Coronavirus, the company strived to meet its customer’s demands for packaging material especially for sanitizers and essential food commodities sans hindrance. “We believe that one of the main reasons we have been able to sustain ourselves successfully for 30 years in this industry with an average growth of about 25 percent p.a. over the last 10 years, is due to our relentless strife to provide our customers with the best service and prioritise our relationship with the customer,” says Pawan. Committed to positively impacting this industry, the company aims to increase the productivity and output of its existing range of products by investing in higher cavitation of moulds and machines. NVI envisions increasing its throughput by over 5x in the next 5 years. Pawan concludes, “To complement our high volume production of caps and closures, we will soon venture into the single-stage stretch blowing technology to help us capture the high volume market of pharma bottles.”

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